« Dance doesn't have anything more to tell but a lot to say! »
Maurice Béjart



« So many things to say, so do I… Dance has always been and still is for me this ideal way of expression. I found in this art, a media which goes beyond all kind of barriers (language and geographic). Dance allowed me to externalize my deepest emotions through each movement, each step, and each piece I had to perform. But despite time and years I still had words to say: I wanted to tell my own story, pass on my own message, and because it was possible through choreography, I started to create dance. Dance became for me, the Body Language nourishing the Spirit and the Soul. »

Cécilia Daninthe

The style brought in her choreographies remains rooted in the cultural richness buried inside Cécilia Daninthe. Through her work, this Guadeloupean wants to introduce her country, and transmit her island's Patrimony but still opening to an external and international influence.
This is why her choreographic language and body movement is a blend of Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Gwo'Ka and other traditional Caribbean dances.
This diversity can be noticed so much in the dance than in the music she performs on stage. Cécilia Daninthe explores each form, each body angle and uses them to elaborate movements which lead beyond the traditional modern dance we are used to. The choreography is the way of reflect what she observes in the world and affirm her convictions through each of her creations; the aim is to entice the dancers and the audience to think and explore on the theme submitted by the choreographer artist.
Finally, Cécilia Daninthe hopes to develop a dance conscience (awareness) and culture in the public, mostly within the communities who can't access it, through open masterclasses and performances.